Mi5 Not Booting After Suppost Fix For 7.1.12

Nov 25, 2016
SwanyD said:
Exellent FIX for on MIUI 8 Xiaomi.eu 7.1.12 Kenzo by kisasanya can be found on <can't post link>
< sory>
< but>

Only for installation from TWRP!!!

After installation are available:
1. Removed regular search, swipe to the top to open Google search
2. Added Screen Edge vidget.
3. Full installed automatically remove "check zip signature" - it's minor bug).
4. In Settings\More...\For developers included two service menu Test on MIUI and Information.
5. Replaced icons in default theme (that would change the theme you want to apply again).
6. Fixed displaying of long names in 3 rows for incoming and outgoing calls.
7. Added additional modes network Only 3G, Only 4G (only mob.data), Only 3G\4G (auto) .
8. Increased quality record frequency 16000 Hz bitrate 64 Kbit\sec .
9. Boot animation replaced.
10. Long tap on the icon of Internet leads to the selection of network mode.
11. The choice of desktop grid settings. (available mesh 4x5,4x6,5x5,5x6).
12. Disabled Wake the phone by touching the fingerprint scanner.
13. Integrated Weather M8 instead of the stock chinese miui. If no, update it with Google Play.
Also fixed stock weather widgets, weather to display. The weather icon is made dynamic.
14. Extended reboot menu.
15. Separate adjustment of sound and notifications from the settings menu and curtains.
16. The number of stages in regularolty volume increased to 24 in all the threads in place 15.
17. Tweaked Auto Brightness.
18. A pop-up notification of the charge is reduced 1. From 20 to 10, 2. From 10 to 5.
19. Advanced geo-definition of the offer.
20. The number of switches in the notification bar 5x3.

i truly like it.
authorised by author.

So user SwanyD posted the above info on the weekly rom 7.1.12 and of course i applied and everything went ok until no boot.
So my Mi5 gets stuck at bootlogo and dont move on.
I can also fastboot and twrp.
If i reapply 7.1.12 do i solve things?