Outlook Exchange & mailing issue


May 27, 2019
Hi people, a new Mi9 user here.

After having gotten the phone (global version), I realized that there's no exchange client. Alright, I downloaded the well-known Outlook app (using it for accessing the exchange server). But, if a mail has an attachment I can either open or download it only once in like 100 tries, 99 times it has a download error message. Otherwise, I get all the mails, everything is okay, but this annoying problem.

Question nr 1.: Does anyone have an idea what should I do to be able to download attachments in the Outlook app?
Question nr 2., in case there's no solution regarding question nr. 1: Which app do you Mi9-ers use for mailing through exchange server?

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May 15, 2019
Hi waiting for delivery of my mi 9 so I'm not sure about this, but on my current Android I just use the Gmail client for exchange. You can just add your exchange account and toggle between them in Gmail by hitting your icon in the top right.


Jun 27, 2018
I met the issue with attachments on my work mail server (EAS) since I began using mobile phones for mail purposes. Most of mail clients just don't see any attachment in an incoming mail. And Outlook was among those mailers.

I found only 3 mail clients which can see and work with any attachments:
-Nine (but this works very bad with Google mail)
-GMail (poor design, no black theme)
- Blackberry Hub+ Inbox - almost ideal

Currently I use Blackberry Inbox.
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