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May 8, 2011
Hi there,

When I got my new Xiaomi Mi 4C I installed its stable ROM you have released.
I found just one bug and it is related to the Music app: I didn't show any song at all.

I also own an "old" Mi4 and on that device I have always had the official stable Xiaomi rom.
During these years I noticed that the app called "App Store" keep up to date also the Xiaomi application like the Music, Mi Remote, Note, Explorer app etc.

I want to ask you to include the official Xiaomi App Store to automatically updates also the Xiaomi Apps.

Is it something possible?

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Mar 25, 2016
3. releases include Chinese only features such as Supermarket (An illegal app market to redistribute applications since there are lots of Android Market problems in China). We don't include this APK because its Chinese and illegal
You can see more on xiaomi [DOT] eu/community/threads/how-is-this-different-than-miui-com.18629/

But you could extract this APK (or Music APK) from original ROM and install it on your device.
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