Phone call force close!


Oct 11, 2011
This is getting really annoying. I keep geting this error when I make a call or receive one. Im running 1.10.7 and have the incredikernel. But idk if this could be a problem to it. Any feedback?
running into same problem with 1.12.23 and 1.12.30 on htc evo when I receive a call. not the worst thing in the world since i can call out but definitely inconvenient. any ideas for a fix??
Hi all,

Why are you running old builds? 2.2.10 is the latest development build. Maybe ask someone to port it for the EVO?
The Evo has never been an unofficial build. I guess the only unofficial build is 1.12.30. You'll have to wait for the author of that unofficial build to update it.
any new fixes yet? im running the newest and ive still got the same problem. every time i take the call it closes but i can call anytime.
someone please help

Incredible 2