Please add characters counterer in SMS app


Nov 16, 2011
I've installed MIUI ROM few days ago on my HTC Desire and I very like it. It's very fast and nice ROM. I love SMS app also - it's pretty and I don't want change it, but there are characters counter missing. Is this possible to add this feature in near future?
MIUI has a character counter in the SMS app already. It doesn't show initially, but it shows up after you hit the 110 character mark.
You have right. I saw counter only in 'fast reply' mode when I receive SMS. When I go into SMS app with threaded messages I haven't seen counter even if I had more than 110 characters mark. I must press 'back' button to minimalize keyboard and then I see counter. I use other keyboard than standard maybe it's the reason why counter isn't visible in writing mode.