Invalid [POCO M3] Weird lines in corners of the screen


Sep 15, 2021
I'm using latest 12.5.10 ROM + Magisk 25.2 (Zygisk enabled). On lock screen I noticed strange lines in bottom corners of the screen that appearing and disappearing with animation and looks like they not fully visible (top part looks cut out). I don't know what is their purpose and why they keep appearing. Btw they also present on any screen short after unlocking phone with fingerprint. They're little annoying.
I have Pixelify Magisk module installed which possibly may enable some functions in ROM or some apps but since I disabled everything (I need only Google Photos spoofing out all features there) I don't think this is a real issue.
Since you modded the ROM, the report is invalid. Needless to say, MIUI 12 is dead and we no longer support it.