Poco X3 Pro keeps restarting


Dec 30, 2021
After charging up my Poco X3 Pro phone to almost 100%, i pulled out the cable and everything froze. After a few seconds, it rebooted and has been rebooting ever since. It manages to boot into the OS, but freezes immediately and then reboots again. Recovery, fastboot work fine. I've done a hard reset on the OS, but it still freezes and reboots. I can only see the bottom navigation bar and that's all. If I touch the screen or press any buttons while it's frozen, the whole screen turns white. Does anyone have any idea how I could solve this
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Please were you able fix this?
I have similar problem, my phone have been on bootloop after I unplugged the charger and I can't boot past the POCO logo.

Please any solution to this?