[pool Post Request] Adding The Opportunity Of Choose The Notification Light For Every App

Would you like to choose the COLOR of the notification's light for every different application???

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Jan 2, 2017
Hell guys,
i'm a xioami user, and i like the system, i like the phone and everything.
Before getting a xioami mi note 2, i used to have only google phones, and i found the xiaomi's one far away better. But i dont wanna waste your time with my chitchat, the important difference that i found is that in this mi note 2 (with any ROM) we dont have the opportunities to choose which notification's color light will appear for each app, i think it would be great if the content creator of the rom will add this little feature.

I made a pool for see if people have my same idea about this feature.
Waiting for some feedback

Aug 1, 2016
I agree with the idea, although from what I understood this feature is almost entirely app-based as per MIUI base structure.
For as long as we want to use the MIUI ROM we must insist that the app developers embrace the new Android 6/7 LED Notification rules policy, thus giving users full control (from inside the app) of the LED notification color.