Porting N1 Cyanogen render feature


Nov 22, 2010
Hi guys :)
I'd like to ask if is there any possibility to port this great feature from Cyanogen 6 ROM. The RED option is the main reason of my question because it helps to improve battery usage quite a lot when I'm not using the phone.
It would be great :)

thanks in advance :) and sorry 4 my english :p

it's not the same. That cyanogen rom's feature enables only 1 RGB channgel ... the red one! That's makes battery's life longer ;)
Just to add more detail, the tech for the feature is I think Jeff Sharkey's work with SurfaceFlinger, to tap into the rendering system and filter the colours output - this works better than a theme can since it applies to all data displayed by the screen - regardless of what you're displaying.

It's also not CM specific or anything, Jeff offers a patch at http://jsharkey.org/blog/2010/07/01/android-surfaceflinger-tricks-for-fun-and-profit/ to show how to do it, so it would probably be fairly simple for you guys to include in MIUI like Cyanogen did with CM6.

As far as using it to extend battery life, it has a pretty dramatic effect on devices with OLED displays - I usually switch to it if my N1 is below 20% and I don't expect to be able to charge it soon.