Problem applying bootanimation

Feb 23, 2013
Hello. I'm struggling with applying a custom bootanimation I've created. I have tried pushing it to system/media and data/local but I just get a black screen after the miui logo. I even tried building an mtz file and I also got nothing, plus the screen remained dark even after the boot process had finished. Is there a trick to it or something else I should know?

My consists of a part0 folder with 20 pngs and this desc.txt:
720 1280 14
p 0 0 part0

Perimissions are set as: rw-rw-rw-

Thank you in advance:)
Jul 24, 2011
what program are you using to compress your i found that using winrar i have to set the compression method to store in order for the bootanimation to work...
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Feb 23, 2013
I'm using winrar as well, and I have the compression level set to store as well.
I've also just tried living a last blank line in the desc.txt, and I think this causes the screen to stay black even after the boot process.

Could there be a problem with the pngs' save settings? I'm using photoshop and png-8 format. I clicked "save for the web" and left default settings.

Edit: Ok I solved it... I can't believe it was something so stupid. Even though I did compress the files using "store" compression level... Afterwards I altered the desc.txt from within the zip, which is something I shouldn't have done. :( So extracting and recompressing the zip fixed the problem. Also a last blank line IS needed inside desc.txt.