New Problem With Automatically Increasing Volume Of Ringtone Mi5


May 20, 2016
When I don't answer an incoming call the ringtone volume increase gradual to maximum.
Next call ringtone volume increase to maximum or near the maximum from the first tone.
That change also ringtone volume settings in /sounds/volume/ringtone
which stays in increased position.
The same thing happend when I silence the incoming call ringtone with one press of vol- button.
Sometimes volume of ringtone incoming calls increase to max and starts on maximum level from the first ring but ringtone volume in settings is not changed.
I don't know what reason it depends.
Problem noticed also in previous version MIUI from 7.2 including fake roms and china stable.
I've tried 3 factory reset.

Maybe I can fix this annoying issue with option thats disable increasing ringtone volume but I don't know
where to find this settings?
May 20, 2016
I do not have such bug.
Ringtones are ok.
Like with many bugs on mi5 :)
but I wonder why is that. The problem seems to be software not a hardware.
Problem with not waking display I partially solved changing setting in battery options. Maybe the problem concerns
some sort of settings which I can't find?