problems 1.1.7 12.24 12.31


Jan 12, 2011
These problems existed for all three builds:

1-Yahoo Free Mail: pop3 incoming works but smtp outgoing does not. This was a problem for the stock rom when I first bought the phone but the first OTA update by Verizon/Google/Motorola fixed it. Other ROMs such as Chevys and CM do not have this problem.

2-contact app looks fine. everything synced once and looks fine, no duplicates. When you go to editing mode>menu>add>shortcuts>direct dial there are some contacts that have multiple enteries. And I don't mean one entry for each of their numbers (cell, home work,etc), I mean multiple as in 7 entries for the very same number. This was not there in builds 12.31 and 12.24.

I think it happened when I made my Yahoo Mail App from market sync contacts. Strange thing is that phone or Google contacts (on PC) do not show these multiples. Oh ya, some of these multiples can't pull the pics either, some do

3- I use google voice for texting (SMS). every app (that has texting ability on the phone) when it's clicked for the first time after a flash gives you the choice what app to use for texting (stock, handcent or google voice). The lock screen pull down shortcut does not and it only goes to the stock app.

This is the best ROM out there, very smooth and stable (if flashed from scratch of course). Thank you for all the hard work.