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Discussion in 'Bugs' started by plainjane, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. plainjane


    Apr 7, 2011
    I searched & didn't find any answers, so sorry if this has been asked before.

    I recently switched to MIUI from CM7, and I really like it. It's not quite as stable as CM, but it's still really awesome. I really like the built in MIUI apps, they've allowed me to abandon some of my third party apps. The gallery is great compared to Gallery 3D, but I'm having problems with it. It started out fine after a full wipe & clean install, but it has slowly degenerated. First there were some "file corrupted" problems, now there are tons in any folder where the files originated from any camera app at any time. My biggest issue is that some folders do not show up at all, despite numerous things I've done. Here's a list of what I've done to try to get the folders to show:

    Clear data for the gallery app
    Run the app in compatibility mode
    Delete the .thumbnails folder in /sdcard/DCIM
    Delete the .cache folder in /sdcard/MIUI
    Removing the gallery.apk file from /system/app, reboot, put it back & set permissions, reboot again
    Wipe cache/dalvik three times in recovery
    Fix uid mismatches in recovery (helped with some force closes, but not with my gallery issue)
    Rescanning SD card
    Unmounting & remounting SD
    Choose "show hidden files" from within the app (this also does not show hidden files)

    I've rebooted each time I've tried most of these things, still no solution. The folders show up in file managers & QuickPic, along with the "corrupted files". I can open the missing files & corrupted files with MIUI Gallery from a file manager, but nothing happens when I swipe left/right or hit the menu button.
    One of my folders that does show up only shows some files. The missing files were added about a week ago, before I flashed MIUI. Those files were shown in the gallery at one point in time, because I set one of them as my lockscreen wallpaper which can only be done in MIUI Gallery.

    Again, sorry if this has been addressed, but I'm about to pull my hair out. I'm going to try a fresh install after using a format all zip if this can't be fixed.

    For the record, I have an Evo & I'm running MIUI 1.4.1

    Thanks in advance :]

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  2. Gon0S


    May 16, 2011


    I encounter the same problem as this guy using MiUI 1.5.6 REV1 from Niarkman from htc-dev team.

    In my Gallery, I have two folders called wallpaper, 1 containing 8 items, and another bugged on containing 28 items. This one is unable to be browsed and show a grey thumbnail with the message 'Le fichier est corrompu' (file corrupted in french).

    I am unable to delete this folder, and I tried to seek and find this folder with no luck.
    I cleared the .cache folder in /mnt/sdcard/MiUI folder. And the next scan of sdcard from Gallery, the same odd foder appear !

    In order to find this folder, I tried quickpic app. This one find the same folder but the wiked wallpaper folder. It really seems to be a 'ghost' folder.

    A last point on MIUI Gallery : the tuhmbnails are really ugly. I noticed this when you compare quickpic thumbnail view with is crisp and Miui Gallery heavy pixelated (?).

    Hoping my english skill is not bad enough to be understood !

    Long life to MiUI, the best Android based rom for my HTC DHD so far