Redmi Note 10 Pro: Decrypting .sa files from miui/gallery/cloud/secretAlbum


Mar 1, 2023
I have some files in my miui/gallery/cloud/secretAlbum that are encrypted and in .sa format. Does anyone know how to decrypt them? The gallery doesn't show any images in the Private Folder but there are some images in there that I'd like to recover.
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I have the same problem I sent some a pictures a videos to hide album and what surprise at the moment to check the albums hide the files gone. Very fast I went to file explorer and found the files but I can't opened I so sad what can I do? I tried to opened with the visor option and nothing happens. Please help!!!


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I have the same problem. Does this forum have any user who actually works at Xiaomi and can give support? I think this is a bug from the last update.
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