[Q] 'Back' or 'Transition' Animations (NOT Launcher Scrolling Animation!!)


Sep 22, 2011
Hi Guys!

In the htc hd2 port I was using before my phone upgrade there was a feature recently added (in the last 6 weeks) that changed the animation that played when exiting an activity. For example - if I was viewing a contact and clicked their facebook status (in the contacts app) a very fancy animation played as the phone switched from 'contacts' to 'facebook'. The animation was as if the page went backwards then slid off the side of the screen. Now I've updated my sgs3 to MIUI but the animation is the old 'fade to background' animation. Does anyone know how to change these animations, or is there no user option available? If not, can anyone tell me why this animation has been removed?

If you require any further details or clarification please let me know :)