[Q] MIUI 2.3.30 Facebook caller photo


Apr 26, 2012
Hi guys,
As you may be know, MIUI has Facebook synchronization that can provide Contact photos using your friends profile pictures. These contact photos appear on the upper left corner of the screen when someone calls you or when you call somebody. On the other side MIUI provides caller photos which can be chosen from your Gallery and appear on full screen when someone calls you.(* Take a look at the attached picture)
My question is as follows: Is there any option MIUI to use facebook profile pictures of my friends as Caller photos not just Contact photos.


Thank you very much!
Yeah, I'd like to see full screen facebook images as well.

I wonder if its as easy as swapping the XML/smali to pull from that picture location. Will take a look during the weekend, when I have more time.
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Yeah, I completely forgot.

Busy ending school, but rest assured I'll remember to check soon.