[Q] Porting Nexus S MIUI to Nexus S 4G


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Aug 8, 2011
I was wondering if anyone has experience porting MIUI to Nexus S 4G... I currently have that device and would love to learn how to port it. I know the Nexus S version gets updated frequently so I could port it every week.. I have experience making themes and using the basics such as apktool, ADB, 7zip etc. If anyone is willing to help/lend a hand i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
its been here for a while bro..where have you been?
MIUI for NExus S 4G!

I know miui.us does a port but I think the gentleman who ports it every week is busy. I'm just looking for someone who can help guide me through the process of taking the GSM build of the Nexus S and porting it to the CDMA version (Nexus S 4G)

If anyone has a few minutes they can spare I would greatly appreciate your help. I am very eager to learn more..

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