Questions About Miui V6

May 28, 2014
First of all I'm mostly pleased we are getting Kitkat over lollipop, since our main issue has always been memory managment and several tests proved that Kitkat fares better than Lollipop on that matter.

Secondly I'm here to ask about the new firmware in detail:

1) Is the swap partition still present?
2) Is ZRAM (memory compression) still present?
3) How's the CPU clocked?
4) Is it rooted? If not, is there already a way to root it?
5) Is it better to install anew or can be just updated over an old MIUI 5 v37?

swap, zram and downclock came with no small drawbacks (after trying a couple roms I always went back to v37 even though ram managment is horrible there) and with Kitkat I hope we could manage well even getting rid of such means.

ty to whoever will answer my questions