Re: Samsung Galaxy S2 (l9100) Car USB internal mount

Dale Preston

Sep 6, 2011
Hi all, I've been waiting and searching around seeing if I was able to find any kind of fix or something for some time now but it's beginning to get to me far too much.

My problem is when I had the HTC Aria I used to have the audio stored on my phone and plug it into my car's USB connection and the headunit would search the device and find all audio to play through the headunit which I was then able to use my controls on the steering wheel. After some time I bought the Samsung Galaxy S2 (l9100) and to my excitement received the whopping 16GB internal storage as a bonus, so I filled that. And heres where my problem comes in, I cant seem to make my headunit search the internal storage and play all that music, It will only search the SD card (external).

Now from reading all over the internet I've been led to believe by any posts that relate somewhat to this that it wont be possible for this to work, what frustrates me though is that it is possible. I've rooted and flashed various custom ROM's to my device (VillianROM first, Cyanogenmod Nightlies second and now MIUI yesterday). I have successfully had the headunit read my internal (newer and more songs) upon connection twice that I can recall now, I think the first time was after first connection to the car after the cyanogenmod flash and today when I first connected it again. Which led me to believe that it was working and then was just applying a new theme on my phone while hanging at a friends then was taking another friend home and plugged it in and back to only reading from my SD card (external - old crap music) and can't figure out why it has worked twice if it is not possible.

The reason why I am determined to figure this out is due to 16 GB internal storage and only 1 GB external storage and I wish to use my phone to its full potential.

While I'm at it, I guess I should mention my other problem which adds to my determination to get the USB connection working with my car. The USB connection is a much clearer & louder playback (Higher quality) then the AUX (current alternative) and to be safer while driving by using my steering controls.
But since flashing to Cyanogenmod and MIUI (cannot recall whether I had this problem on VillainROM) I've noticed the volume in headset mode (when I have something plugged into the headphone jack - ie, AUX, etc) and I begin turning up the volume from quietest to loudest it get notably louder each press until halfway or a press before halfway and then does not become any louder, which I also think may be making the audio less clear and loud when connected via AUX to my car.

Thanks in advance to anyone whom contributes.
I am usually stubborn enough to sort problems out myself, but for the first time I am asking for help on a community forum.