Recover from black screen?


Nov 18, 2017
So I followed the instructions on the release page of MIUI 10.4 for the 5X and I got a black screen problem again, though this time it can be seen in adb, but not MiFlash.

Downloaded TWRP (latest updated compatible)
Wrote recovery image
Booted into TWRP
Chose to install the 10.4 Rom via menu
Phone rebooted and went straight to black screen.

2 questions - What am i doing wrong? and how can I recover via adb?



Feb 2, 2018
You could try to recover it by installing China Official ROM (without locking bootloader) and try again, just one question, the version of MIUI you are trying to install is android oreo (8) or nougat (7)?


Nov 18, 2017

I managed to get a working link to the Xiaomi flash utility and got an official china Rom on it to start again.

The second time, I then wiped all of the memories following instructions from a post in here. I then was able to update to the eu 10.4 Rom. It seemed to work, but later rebooted and I had a similar problem. Not a black screen, but a boot loop.

Again, I got the official China Rom on it and tried a 3rd time. This time, I got the TWRP image on, then installed Magisk. Did a format, rather than wiping the relevant partitions and then installed 10.4.

This time, it seems to have worked. Also TWRP is loaded into recovery, which it never was before as it would always revert back to the bunny after rebooting.

Its been a painful process trying to find proper instructions on how to load these Roms onto the Mi 5X. Many of the instructions just say "install . . ." without actually telling you how to do it which means a lot of guessing.

For example, it says install TWRP, but no instructions. The instructions say to load and boot it via adb, but once the phone it rebooted, TWRP always disappears. Does that mean the TWRP image also needs to be installed through TWRP? Who knows.

I'd write up a process myself to put on here, if only I knew whether the way I did it was correct.

I'm not sure what version of android the ROM i'm trying to use is based on, but it's the latest, stable, available for the Mi5X


Dec 13, 2018
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