Recovery Mode PCBA test of microphone no active noise Cancelation

Miguel tordo

Apr 24, 2014
Hello you guys!
- I am a dj i tried to:
- livestreams live band concerts
- livestream dj
- record videos in places with live music and concerts.

I have tried to do dj livestreams with my MI phone, and test it with a few models of friends but the sound is very bad, it comes and goes, like a filter on it.
I have tried with premic, mic, external mic with a cable/adaptor in a trrs jack on the phone.
But the sound is just terrible.
You can check an exemple here:

So i realize that the fact is due to the so call active noise cancelation done by software.
I just discovery the recovery mode on myu phone and made an audio test, on pcba menu, and put the microphone near a loudspeaker and the soud was just crystal clear it just make a teardrop out of me.
Is there anyway to jut put the microphone (the premic, mic or jack mic input) to have no sound processing put in to it before is recorded or send it to a stream app.

this is an example of the same song but doing a test with another phone (an huawei phone)
, what a difference

Does rom versions have a better caption sound system ?

What a bumper :(

Help please,
Tested in, mi A4, redmi 8, redmi note 8, redmi 4 prime, redmi 7, mi mix 2 all the same