Active Noise Cancelation and Mi dialer contacts and Messaging

Miguel tordo

Apr 24, 2014
I have to Phones Redmi 8 and Redmi 4 prime.

Do you confirm the the rom as the dialer and messaging of Miui and not the Google version of this apps,

The other and more important question is related do the Active noise cancelation e recording videos, i usually record videos in concerts, a make live streams.
Can somebody tell me if you solved the problem of the active noise cancellation ruining the sound in this 2 models.
I Know that the feature is very good for conversation, but when i record a video usual i want and almost everyone else wants to record the surrond sound and the xiomi phones just canceled that surround sound make the videos just terrible. Any samsung, huawei, iphone record the sound cristal clear. Even know with a lot of confinement if i wanto to imput anything in mic level the soud is just ... bad ... due to active noise cancelation.

Why is this issue not addressed, i do not understand, just make a enable disable optin on video recording or in settings.
I tried the other day make a stream inputed a source in the mic , terrible.
With the external mic terrible.

Thank you guys,
I am just frustrated, thing af changing branding, convinced more than 10 friend of mine to buy xiomi, know everyone is sad when they confronted this issue, when for some reason want to record surround sound.