Redmi 1S and bluetooth headset


Jun 9, 2014
Hello everyone, i want to ask other owners of Redmi 1S about their experience using a bluetooth headset.
Before the Redmi 1S i was pairing a Samsung H3300 bluetooth headset with two devices i was using. An HTC Touch Pro and a Samsung GT-B2710 with no problems at all. The range i could walk away from the phone while i was in a call was about 10 meters.
Now with the same bluetooth paired with my Redmi 1S the connection range is no longer than........1-2 meters. Even when the phone is in my pocket i have to get it out in order to have a clear call.
Those who use bluetooth headset with their Redmi or Redmi 1S (i assume the bluetooth chip is the same), can you please post your opinions based on your use ?

Thank you