Redmi 1S becomes hot and slow

Aug 20, 2014

I bought Redmi 1S two days ago and I have a problem:
When playing a 3D game (Ingress), the phone becomes quickly hotter and hotter. At a certain point of heat, it comes very slow and almost unusable.
The heat is located upper left when you look the phone from the back, not far of the sdcard slot.

I think that a thermal throttling mechanism causing this situation...
I tried to limit the maximum CPU frequency with SetCPU, I think it's a bit better. Well, it becomes hot less quickly. That's not a good solution for me.

Is anyone meet this problem ?

Questions for experts :

- Do you think that some kernel parameters could be tweaked to manage this problem ? Or maybe a custom kernel ?
- I'm even ready to disabled 2 of the 4 CPU cores, maybe it could be a workaround ? I don't have these problems with my old MTK dual core.

Thank you for your answers.
Aug 21, 2014
It is a common problem. I'd suggest you update your phone to the latest ROM available, root it, and then use an app like No-Frills CPU Control to lower the max cpu frequency to 1.19 GHz.

On the "questions for experts":
-It can be done by init.d support, but it is basically the same solution.
-A custom kernel with a proper governor could solve this problem, but we can't create any custom kernel since there are no kernel sources available.
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