Redmi 6 Pro - TWRP+ADB drivers, and OTA Update


Aug 23, 2018
REDMI 6A only:
it is impossible to install EU XIAOMI MUI 10 fom ZIP file in RECOVERY (TWRP 3.2.x) mode at present:
error 11 appeared, instllation of the MUI 10 8.8.X is FAILED for REDMI 6A.
Redmi 6A users can install MUI 10 ROM Chinese version or Chinese global vesrion 8.8.21 only,
not the files of EU XIAOMI site by the present date.

Reply to user dariolc18 : Check errors
Before the instllation of the new ROM in recovery mode or in fastboot mode,
the user requires to get the permission to unlock bootloader from xiaomi via Miflash_ unlock program (for all windows).
The process of the unblocking bootloader of XIAOMI REDMI is widely described in internet.
The time to get the XIAOMI premission takes
from 72 till 360 hours after the request of user via Miflash_ unlock program . It can not be done immediately.
After bootloder of your REDMI device is unlocked by XIAOMI, go to the installation of MUI the new .

1. Download the following files:-
- TWRP 3.2.X for the use of RECOVERY mode of your phone model in ZIP format
- MUI 10 ROM Chinese/global version 8.8.x or may be newer.
You can find ZIP file for your device, for example here:
2. Install TWRP for the use of RECOVERY mode in your REDMI device .
3. Copy MUI 10 ROM ZIP file to your SD CARD - to root folder "/" ; do not unzip.
4. Reboot in RECOVERY MODE , using pushed VOLUME-UP+POWER simultaneously
5. Go to MOUNT section of RECOVERY. Mount SD card in RECOVERY mode. It will allow to see the content of SD CARD
6. Go to ADDITION section -> FILE Manager.
Find External SD card folder or SD card in storage folder. Locate / or check MUI ROM (ZIP file) is in root folder "/" of SD card.
7. go to CLEAN section.
DELETE / format
- DATA - this command will delete all settings, saved numbres, contacts, photo, video, previously installed programmes.

7. Click on installed MUI 10 ZIP file in yur SD CARD. The installation will be commenced.
8. If no error in result of the installation, REBOOT the device to SYSTEM mode.
If the installation failed or the installation is completed with any error, SWITCH OFF the phone.
than you need
- to find the other MUI for your device and
- to repeat all above steps.
in order to "unbrick" your devices.

METHOD 2 : in FASTBOOT mode.
9. The other solution to "unbrick" XIAOMI is
- to download MUI 9.6.X version for installation in FASTBOOT mode; such files are not in ZIP, but in TGZ / or TAR format.
- to download MI flash program for windows,
The installation via MI flash has to be performd in FASTBOOT mode.
To get FATBOOT mode, push buttons POWER+VOLUME-DOWN simultaneously and wait for the screen "fastboot".
11. You need to install MUI 9.6.X version for your REDMI using MI flash program, avalable for all OS Windows.10.
For the installation in fastboot mode, MUI ROM 9.6.x file has to be unzipped to a separte directory , for example, c:\rom_9.6
The installation has to be with option "CLEAN ALL", not "block after the installation" in Mi Flash program options.
If you installed ROM with "block after the installation" option erroniously,
use Miflash_ unlock program to unblock bootloader again. It will take 5 minutes.

The description of the Redmi flashing via MI flash program is widely availabale in internet.
It can take 30-40 minutes to learn "how to flash" via MI flash windows program for the fresh student.
Search Mi flash version after July 25, 2018.


Thanks for the answer, my problem wasn't how to perform the installation of the new ROM, I know how it works.
My actual problem is the fact that a lot of people bricks their redmi 6 pro while installing the new ROM just because the antirollback feature just introduced.

Apparently if you install now a ROM that results in terms of security algorithm older than the actual one, the device get bricked permanently (to unbrick it one has to contact some operator of en.miui communicating the ID number and get the permission from them to reflash a working ROM, cause the brick does not even permit you to go in FASTBOOT MODE and to RECOVERY and so it will be impossibile to install another ROM again).

Hope I have been clear, let me know if not.

Try to read also the thread that I have mentioned before:


Aug 24, 2018
... My actual problem is the fact that a lot of people bricks their redmi 6 pro while installing the new ROM just because the antirollback feature just introduced ...
I do not own redmi 6 pro, so I can not reply on the exact "antirollback feature ". I do not read past posts / useless talks more than 1 or few sentances.

1. It is impossible to "brick" the MUI or any other Android 8+ phone till "death".
The exeptions are(1) an attempt to decode the bootloader by the user, which is impossible for majority users, or (2) to wash the phone in the bath.
Following incorrect or interrupted flashing procedure, there is an option to flash the Android 8+ phone the new (a) in fastboot or (2). in recovery mode always Hitting the buttons "volume" + "power" in different or in all possible combinations many times for 15-20 seconds each time
will bring the "bricked" xiaomi device either in recovery or in fastboot mode always.
Even after 20-50 times. Even the screen shows nothing (black). But the user heard "tick" by ears: means the device is ready to receive a command.
The stated "antirollback feature " can have nothing common with the crashing the phone.
If the bootloader of your REDMI phone is unlocked, you can install any MUI - 9.6.X or 10.8.X-
(1) in RECOVERY mode - following the procedure of wipe (1) system (2) data (3) cache
(2) in FASTBOOT mode - with option "CLEAN ALL" in MiFlash program for windows.
98+% Android users, which declare a "brick", do not understand these teachnical qualities of Android / MTK chip devices (REDMI 6).
2. The XIAOMI created the other and different problems for the users: I did not see any improvement in code of the basic XIAOMI programs from version 9.6
in REDMI 6a : XIAOMI just added their new programs asociated with the use of xiaomi account only, and which restrict the use of my phone .
3. The best techical solutions, called "tricks", are published at the developers site - Android XDA - for all Android technical users, for most of the devices.
Exeption is Redmi 6A. There is no MUI 10 update for REDMI 6A without errors; there are less errors in MUI 9.6 for REDMI 6a.
4. Nobody will help with "how to avoid to be afraid of" update. As every user believes in his (technical) possibility and his techical believes (exact site) only.

I decided to stay on version 9.6 and to delete 50% system programs in Redmi 6a following 20 useless attempts to update till MUI 10 8.6.21 / 8.8.23 and to delete useless XIAOMI soft from installed MUI 10 8.8.23 Chinese version, without an English generic keyboard, where Chinese is mixed with English in software, but with the constant XIAOMI authorization request at each step of my use (did XIAOMI allow to transfer my file over USB/SD card? did XIAOMI allow 4G connection to operator in Europe/UAE/India from China? why did you save your file to your SD card, not to the XIAOMI cloud storage - it is operated in unknown data center of unknown Chinese province).
The advertised "EU XIAOMI " weekly ROMs are not flashable for REDMI 6A completely.
So I found MUI 10 (all versions) are harmul software products for my use in my REDMI 6A.
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Aug 24, 2018
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Aug 24, 2018
cocuz said:
There is a big-gig ads: XIAOMI released MUI 10 8.8.23 in all XIAOMI partner sites from mid August 2018.

Look at files of the directory /etc , open each file one by one in your REDMI device and tell to yourself frankly :
the configuration for Chinese users is spam or bloatware of XIAOMI only,
the configuration for non Chinese users has no fruitfull data / programs, but same XIAOMI bloatware with the Chinese keyboard,
So, the user must configuree XIAOMI 6A by himself ,
if the user needs fast internet connectiion by his browser , or to catch 4G internet by non-XIAOMI programs.

Why does user needs to be connected to unknown WIFI after 1st boot?
Answer: the XIAOMI wants user to be connected to XIAOMI server all the time and wants the user to pay for 4G internet for XIAOMI needs.

Ooooh , it is the slowest technology to transfer files. Most users needs fast 2.0 or 3.0 usb / fast 4g connection for files transfer, never BT.
Exeption is to steel files of your partner under the table in a restaurant, but
if you know the exact name of each file and the exact location of each file in your partnet phone.
USB 2.0
USB 2.0 port is slow in all XIAOMI products, depends upon the quality of SD carrd also, no configuration for USB 2.0 is set.
XIAOMI does not allow a user to use USB port without the permission of XIAOMI.
Antena and the configuration.
4G speed depends upon antenna and many other data inside the programs (expl, browser),
4G config is not set corectly in all XIAOMI REDMI 10 MUI versions.
And the user is not able to use 4G connection without XIAOMI permission.
Xiaomi browser.
The origin of broser is hidden. It connects internet somehow, to google by default, on slow speed. That s all benefts of browser.
No acessable seetings for the the advertised screen resolution 1440x720 / the tech describtion of webcam is hidden
No accesable settings or the config files have useless settings for audio, expl 96 and 192Mhz / The desription of audio device is hidden .
"What is codec?", XIAOMI enginners ask .
"Do you have sound in phone? Yes. So enjoy! Do NOT ask quetions on quality of audio card" , XIAOMI decided.

Lot of /proc files have Samsung (unknown) version origin.
Where is the info about Samsung files in REDMI?
No .

Who needs to use the so called "security" multiple settings?
Or do you really believe that the XIAOMI user must
- remember at least 3 passwords for the use of his REDMI device every minute (mi account, user email box, lost password phrases),
- make photo of his face,
- ask the permission of XIAOMI and to access his email box each time after foggoten password,
- draw pictures a.k.a pin at the screen
- XIAOMI helps to find the lost device outside the user home or inside user home ever?
All these features are s**t and boolshit, which take time and create difficulties for the the user.

I see same result in ROMs of EU XIAOMI team:
only cosmetic changes are introduced in MUI 10 ROMs of EU XIAOMI,
no tech describtion of EU XIAOMI ROM at all,
the biggest part of the Chinese progs are substituted into the same useless XIAOMI apps, but in most EU languages.
Note, each user needs 2 max languages, not 30 ones.

So, what benefits of MUI 10 do you advertise in your MUI 10 EU ROMs,
exept the XIAOMI manufacturer errors!, which are same all year - from MUI 9 or longer!

Today NO flashable 10 MUI ROM for REDMI 6A is avalable in RECOVERY mode,
but EU XIAOMI team continues to advertise false MUI 10 for REDMI 6a in undescribed RECOVERY mode.

So, be ready to use 1 month for the correction of XIAOMI enginners errors ,
if you want your REDMI to use for yourself, not for XIAOMI profits.
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Aug 26, 2018

I have MIUI 10 by 8.8.16 Beta and with updater app i downloaded 8.8.23.
After i click on install in the updater app the device just reboot and at the boot time the screen flash one time and after it reboot normally and not install the update.
I think it tries to update in the recovery, but it cant install the zip.
After i go to the recovery i checked i have mi-recovery 3.
My question is do i have to flash twrp via fastboot to install the new weekly update?
Will my applications remain after the update?

Sorry for the noob question, but i bought the phone used with MIUi 8.8.16.

Thank you!
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Aug 29, 2018
hello guys, i have a short question. i have the redmi 6 pro with miui stable china

someone know which version of the EU/miui10 i can install without break it because i need the deutsch or italian language.
thanks in advance for the answers and sorry for this noobie question...


Jul 29, 2018
[QUOTE = "aipszilon, bài đăng: 440177, thành viên: 205292"] Xin chào!

Tôi có MIUI 10 bởi 8.8.16 Beta và với ứng dụng updater tôi tải về 8.8.23.
Sau khi tôi bấm vào cài đặt trong ứng dụng updater thiết bị chỉ cần khởi động lại và tại thời gian khởi động đèn flash màn hình một lần và sau khi nó khởi động lại bình thường và không cài đặt bản cập nhật.
Tôi nghĩ rằng nó cố gắng để cập nhật trong phục hồi, nhưng nó không thể cài đặt zip.
Sau khi tôi đi đến phục hồi tôi kiểm tra tôi có mi-recovery 3.
Câu hỏi của tôi là tôi phải flash twrp qua fastboot để cài đặt bản cập nhật hàng tuần mới không?
Các ứng dụng của tôi có còn lại sau khi cập nhật không?

Xin lỗi cho câu hỏi noob, nhưng tôi đã mua điện thoại được sử dụng với MIUi 8.8.16.

Cảm ơn bạn! [/ QUOTE]
lệnh cấm

You need to re-install twrp again. Because redmi pro 6 does not install the twrp permanently.


Aug 3, 2015
So the subject is the question.
I've installed 8.8.9 prevoius week, and today the 8.8.16 came avaliable on ROM download page.
Can I wait for OTA update? Or should I update manually?

Thanks for any help.

If it helps someone - here I uploaded ADB drivers (install it first) and TWRP ver.3.2.2-0 for Redmi 6 Pro:
Make sure USB debugging is enabled in developer options. Unpack TWRP and copy it to the ADB folder.
Reboot phone in fastboot mode. Then just start Flash-Redmi 6 Pro TWRP.bat file, everything will install automatically.
Or you can install with ADB by command fastboot flash recovery.img

Then you just download EU ROM zip in device memory or USB storage and flash it via TWRP (recovery mode), in menu it's Install.
Link to the last EU ROM:
I try this metode, but I've the following error when I try to flash recovery
Failed (remote: rollbac version downgrade)

I try with dummy.img but always the same error.

Someone can help me?!

Thanks and regards


Aug 30, 2018
I try this metode, but I've the following error when I try to flash recovery
Failed (remote: rollbac version downgrade)

I try with dummy.img but always the same error.

Someone can help me?!

Thanks and regards
Same issue with unlocked redmi 6 pro:
Failed (remote: rollbac version downgrade)
Any hint please


Aug 30, 2018
Same issue with unlocked redmi 6 pro:
Failed (remote: rollbac version downgrade)
Any hint please

Finally, I got it work and installed MIUI 10 STABLE RELEASE

1 - I run commands:
fastboot flash recovery twrp.img
fastboot boot twrp.img

- but it asks for password
- I cancel and wipe data
- I install ROM (installation ends with errors)
- I restart
- phone boots in fastboot screen

2- I run commands again:
fastboot flash recovery twrp.img
fastboot boot twrp.img

-now twrp dose not asks for password
-I install twrp.img
-I install ROM
- Restart

Every thing works ok :)


Mar 28, 2014
I used the recovery you posted to go from stable china to stable on my redmi 6 pro. all right. thank too much!!

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Dec 17, 2019
[QUOTE = "tenekemetin2, publicación: 438200, miembro: 204287"]
TWRP quiere una contraseña.
Después de pasar la pantalla de contraseña, el almacenamiento se ve como 0 mb en TWRP.
¿Me pueden ayudar [USER = 204331] @Guerrero [/ USER]
Hola amigos estoy cambiando twrp y me pide una contraseña alguien sabe cual es