Redmi Note 10S. I can't set the ringtone for notification and incoming call in WhatsApp, except from File Manager, Music and Sound Recorder.


Oct 31, 2021
File Manager leads only to one folder, on the SD-card, which was left over from the previous smartphone, and there is my music in wav and flac format and two my ringtones in mp3.

I can see that the default notification sound is Bottle.ogg as written in brackets. But why can't I select anything from the other folders and why are there only a few applications to choose from - File Explorer, Music and Voice Recorder? This is my first smartphone from Xiaomi and I have never encountered such a problem.


Thank you.
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I understood why this happened - in the first screenshot, the melody has a name in English (file name?), and when I select in the application with themes (an icon with a paint brush), then they are in the installed ones and have a Russian names. I don't know who translated them... Whatsapp? Xiaomi? This is the first time I've encountered this.

But I still can't understand why the melodies downloaded over the local network via Wi-Fi, which I put in the Ringtones folder, are not visible in the application for selecting melodies until I restart my smartphone. If I click on the bottom three small dots and select "update", then the copied files still don't appear.