Redmi Note 4G: is a wipe needed to go from MIUI v5 to v6?

Sep 3, 2014

I have a friend with a Redmi Note LTE, running V21.0.0 (MIUIv5 stable) of the multilang firmware. Now, weekly versions MIUIv6 for the same phone are available.

Can I flash MIUIv6 without reinstalling apps/accounts etc? Or should a full wipe plus install from scratch be made here?
Oct 22, 2014
I believe a wipe isn't needed, but recommended, some apps are removed (like transfer) and made optional in the zip. It 'works' but you might find a few things that don't work as they were supposed to, the weather app crashes for example (Perhaps this could be fixed with deleting app data)
I updated to V6 without a wipe, however I went back to V5 without a wipe either and ended up with an unusable buggy phone without network. (wiping and upgrading to V6 solved it though).