Redmi Note - what is my problem?

Jan 25, 2015
Hi all,
Firstly, thanks to all the people on this forum who provide info to help people out with their xiaomi issues. Here is my problem -
1. Redmi Note 1W purchased in Low Yat Plaza KL three months ago.
2. Has suddenly stopped working. The back screen appears to light up, but there is no Mi logo as before - using power/vol up down will still turn the phone on/off, but no movement from the black screen.
3. The indicator light still turns on - sometimes green, yellow or blue. Since I have no menu access, I don't know what the different colours mean.
4. Oddly, occasionally if I hold down the centre capacitive home button, the torch will come on, and occasionally I will feel vibrations for something going on in the phone, but without a screen its hard to know what it means.
5. The phone is still recognised by windows, and I can still access the phone storage files.
6. I have assumed it is bricked, but following the unbricking procedure has not yielded results. Any help, please?