[REQ] to improve MIUI for next release.


May 15, 2011
I would like to request developer to implement a new option which is not available to other ROMS, which in turn will increase popularity of MIUI ROM.

is it possible to stop some of "junck" programs from running in boot time. such as TALK,CLOCK, VOICE DAILAR,gmail, mail, I do not use them.

I already removed CLOCK, VOICE DAILAR and Vpn.
My personal opinion is that it's nice to have some of that stuff and if you don't use it, its not like it's hogging all kinds of CPU cycles or anything. The ROM still performs great...

OK, I could see dropping VPN but voice dialer is a must if you ever use your phone in the car and painful to install on your own. The other things are easy enough to install on your own if you have to...
I'm confused, doesn't miui v3 remove some of those anyway? I had to manually re-download things like gmail n maps.

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My idea is not to remove applications at all; it is about the ability to stop them from booting if it is not used. A lot of these apps are useless for me and I hate to see them running in back ground, don't tell me they are doing nothing as long as you are not using them, for example, clock will always read time, Gmail will always check wifi or data connection.
Android idea (google) is to keep you always connected online with their servers. Imagine you have 100 million users are connected always to your servers WOOOW.
For example now if you use any of free prog from market, an advertise is displayed when you are running the program. (Inside the program).