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Newbie question.
I have a MI2s with latest MIUI on one partition.
Installed latest WIUI on the other, wiped everything, then loaded my last MIUI Backup with apps and data.
But some apps fail to work correctly (email doesnt even open)

Is there a more correct way do get everything working?
Or I just cannot recover my backup, and i must install everything from the beginning on WIUI?
Have wifi fixed on switching on , maybe due to not cleaning all/reset up before flash, Is there some easy solution so wont to have reinstall all apps?
How to undervolt cpu , will i need kernel suport?
How to overclock gpu?
Has smeone made kernel and communication soft that allows those modifications?
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Just to let ppl know.

This rom is not developed any more

Move over to SMIUI from Sebsch for the closest alternative. Highly maintained, devoted developer.
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I know this rom is not developed anymore but which kernel do you think is the best for this beautiful rom?
Don't know.

But why would you want to start with a stale rom.
Because I tried many other roms but this one is the best for performances and battery use.. I already tried sMIUI, standard MIUI, CM11 and 12, mokee and so on..
Okay, I wouldn't.
Have you tried smiui from 20 February?
The latest have some issues. (Caused by xiaomi not the developer).
It's fast and I have an average battery life of 22 hours with 4 hours screen and 7'hours active.
Have used wiui too.
Haven't used others.
This wiui have two huge huge bugs. Some applications load the tablet ui.
Even if wsm tools is installed by aroma, app settings and mitools doesn t work: every setting applied doesn t produce effetcs. So it is not possible to try to modify the dpi such for those applications that have the tabled ui problem mentioned

I have tried a fresh install, but the problem was not solved.
Have someone had those problems too?
if you need a help with update / recovery / root-->
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