Rom 6.5.5

Sep 9, 2011
Hi everybody...big bugs with this Rom: I have more than 1 email account with Gmail; I have set all the account in the app, I have made the back up with the "backup restore" function in the system settings and: just as soon as it finished to back everything up...all the accounts, except the google one, are gone, and I have to start all over again with the creation of all the accounts.
Same thing with the EMAIL application.
Very disturbing!!!!

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Nov 22, 2015
That's very interesting the previous two ROMs deleted my personal iMap accounts this room did not however remove it ...what I did different with this ROM was to wipe cache and Dalvik and all the accounts remained intact....

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Jan 3, 2016
Guys, there is a sub-forum dedicated to Mi4C weekly updates issues. If you keep opening a sub-forum for each issue you have, soon the Mi4C sub-forum will became a mess like others. We cannot find information... it's all over the place...
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