1. Poney70

    How-to install global "Themes" app

    Hello! Here you can download and install global "Themes" app (v1.5.9.13-global) on ROM if you want it. ;) IMPORTANT: In global version, you can only download "Themes" and "Wallpapers". INFO: You can't update the app with the "internal" updater in app settings, on ROMs...
  2. B

    MIUI 11.2 20.3.26 - Magisk Question

    I know this isn't a Magisk forum but I thought I'd ask here in case anyone else has experienced similar issues? I've always run the latest nightly/weekly available on my Redmi Note 7 Pro. Currently: nightly/weekly (MIUI 11.2 - 20.3.26) Orangefox (currently R10.1) (EVERYTHING IS...
  3. R

    Can't root mi8 using weekly rom

    Hello all, I'm using weekly in my mi8, but I try to root using magisk or supersu, but it fails because of boot.img not being patched. So if possible, can someone please give a link to a miui 11 boot dev image or a fastboot link so that I can apply boot using flashify or even using mi flash...
  4. Z

    Magisk not installed, after flashing.

    Hey guys, I've installed Xiaomi EU last update 9.10.31, clean. Anyways, since I updated to Android 10 I lost magisk root. I tried to flash again but even when everything go fine and it flash sucessfully I still get "Magisk not installed" on Magisk manager. I've tried many builds, which many of...
  5. I

    Bank App error, safety net passed

    Hi, im trying to run the app 'Ruralvia Pay'. It's an app for make microtransactions here in spain. Currently runnig 11.0.5, no magisk. Safety net passed and root checker says theres no root on my pocophone. Other apps like Ibercaja Pay, who are the same but form a different bank work...
  6. L

    Updates and root

    Hi guys, a few months ago I bought a Mi 9 SE based on chinese rom with bootloader unlocked and global rom stable version flashed by the company of seller. I prefered the rom than natives and for this reason I chosed to change and flash his beta version following the advise of this...
  7. Daenjel

    [Android Q] List of audio mods and how to make them fully work together!

    As the title says, I managed to get all of my 3 favorite audio mods working together, so I wanted to share how to accomplish this. Standard Disclaimer: I am not responsible for anything that may happen to your device, YOU are choosing to make these modifications. First of all, you need Magisk...
  8. Gurkut

    Magisk v19.1 + Magisk Manager v7.1.2+ Magisk uninstaller (Last version)

    Just flash with twrp than install Magisk manager app. İf you have any bootloop orcrash just flash with uninstaller.. Magisk v 19.1 Magisk Manager v7.1.2 Magisk Uninstaller
  9. lucadelc

    New Cannot use Google Pay

    Hi all, I cannot use Google Pay with the, obviusly the safetynet pass and I used magisk hide. With the stock global (and root) worked. My device: Mi Mix 2s (polaris) version: 9.4.12 beta
  10. J

    Google Services update/uninstall

    Hi guys, i tried to update gapps through TWRP and it doesn't work. Is there a way to bypass this, cause otherwise i cannot install "GMS Doze" module on Magisk Manager because when i do that, after reboot, i have notification after opening Gmail/Youtube or any other app that needs Google Services...
  11. S

    Xposed on Second/Dual Space?!?

    Hi everybody! I've a Mi5 with the Xiaomi.EU 9.5.2 and Magisk 18.0 on, and everything is fine. I've been using Second Space for some time now, and i've found i didn't have right root permissions on this one: i went on Magisk Manager settings and i've changed "mount namespace" settings, so now all...
  12. I

    How to get Google Pay Working on a Custom ROM - Magisk Manager & Rooting Your Device

    This is a very quick guide on how to get Google Pay working on devices that have a custom ROM installed on them. To do this all you need to do is install Magisk, which will Root Your device. You will need twrp installed, so please check out my other video on how to do so. LINKS...
  13. Chico_38

    How to Root 8.7.19 Global Beta? Redmi 5 Plus (Dev) Miui 10

    Hi guys! I tried rooting by flashing Magisk and I end up in endless boot. :( By the way I'm using Redmi 5 Plus, 8.7.19 Global Beta (8.1 Oreo) Miui 10 - dev rom. I tried using TREBLE TWRP by Jay + lazyflasher, so far I am able to keep my custom recovery. Other than that, everytime I flash...
  14. Kazami Yuuka

    [mod][magisk][5.0+] Disable Unified Flat Icons

    Well, choices are choices, right? It's the same as your choice to install this ROM. I just recently switched back to this rom from a buggy Lineage build and found out the Limitless theme included is the exact thing I was looking for since the MIUI7-8 days for the icon sets. Since adds...
  15. M

    Has Anyone Got Magisk Xposed Sdk 25 To Work?

    Has anyone got Magisk Xposed SDK 24 to work? When I installed it the phone got into a bootloop, which is solved now though. I installed it from within Magisk manager and then rebooted. Here's the thread:
  16. M

    Question: Possible To Install Magisk + Xposed For Nougat 7.0

    Hi! Is it possible to install Magisk + Xposed for my mi5s with latest miui weekly (with android Nougat 7.0)? I can't find where do download it. Isn't it available yet? I would like to get the Greenify app to work as good as possible. Thanks in advance
  17. M

    Question: How To Check If I Have Unlocked Bootloader?

    Hi fellas! I recently ordered Mi5s from *******: http://www.*******.com/cell-phones/pp_471491.html Can someone explain how I check if it got an unlocked bootloader when it arrives? Also, what exactly is the unlocked bootloader? As I understand it I need the bootloader to be unlocked for...
  18. asianyan

    Xposed & Magisk For Miui

    Hi folks, When browsing on XDA, I found a thread about Xposed and Magisk for MIUI. [LINK to thread] I don't know if it works for the REDMI PRO. Only try flashing this if you know what you are doing! And don't forget to NAND backup before you flash. I am not responsible for any bricked phones...
  19. G

    Featues On This Rom?

    I am using an RN3 Kate. Atm the latest global stable is installed. One thing that I really miss is: double tap to wake The fingerprint scanner is nice and fast, yes. But when the phone is lying at the table during my office times, it's annoying to take the phone into your hand just to check if...