1. A

    xiaomi eu and magisk

    Hello, I install xiaomi eu for my poco f3 and I would like to know if you can install magisk even if I do not know the original version of xiaomi and without custom recovery. Thanks you
  2. S

    How to install TWRP for Xiaomi 10S

    References Prepare 1. download unoffical twrp 2. download magisk 24.1.apk Flash twrp & magisk 1. reboot to fastboot platform-tools-windows\adb.exe reboot bootloader 2. temp boot to twrp.img...
  3. S

    How can I get the kernel log from MIUI 13 (MI 10S)

    Hello everyone. I have a MI 10s , flashed with MIUI 13 (22.1.19). I'm trying to install magisk but it always fails to boot. I can't get the kernel logs. I use bugreportz to generate bugreports, but it is useless. Magisk issue: Thanks a lot.
  4. Z

    MI 10s TWRP and Magisk installation

    Can someone tell me how to install the twrp from on the Mi 10s? Either instructions, or tutorials or videos would be great help. Also, is there a special procedure to install magisk once the twrp is installed?
  5. H

    Card Emulation

    Hi I installed and rooted it using magisk via boot.img I downloaded an app from the play store called card emulator pro root. I tried to emulate the card it was successful but when I tested it it was spamming the reader. Thank you
  6. Mr.Curse

    I tried to root Mi10T after installing latest update 21.2.8 but it didn't work

    I'm using Magisk app to patch boot.img from rom files and flash new boot file with fastboot, but Magisk still said it not install. Can anyone help?
  7. MAMAC

    TWRP for Android 12 (MI 10, and other models )

    Hello i will try to explane in few lines how to get working twrp on latest dev version on android 12. ONLY TESTED ON MI 10 UMI !!!! Before u upgrade (of u can reupgrade again if u did already) go to fastboot and install this TWRP - MI 10 or twrp from camerado folder that seems even better...
  8. L

    Questions about TWRP, Magisk and SafetyNet

    Hello everyone ! I just have a few questions : What is TWRP ? Why do I need to install it on my phone before flashing EU ROM ? How do I install it ? Do I need Magisk and SafetyNet to get google pay and Netflix working ? To make it simple, I need to able to use google pay and apps such as...
  9. P

    [MIUI 12.1.2 (Stable)] Magisk can't be directly flashed from recovery

    Hello. After i finally switched to latest stable (due to 9.8.2021), i wanted to simply flash magisk as many users. But instead of flashing magisk correctly and booting into system, my phone appeared in fastboot mode. Later on, i noticed that i don't have recovery and system anymore, but i...
  10. A

    How to Install Magisk Manager?

    Hi everyone, I want to install Magisk Manager in EU stable v12.5.4, anyone knows how to install it?
  11. M

    Root on Stock Rom (germany Mi11)

    Hi Guys, I'm switching from Oneplus Nord to the Xiaomi Mi11 and would like to know how to get root? On the Oneplus I flashed Magisk in the recovery and reinstalled it in the inactive slot after each OTA via Magisk. Does it still work? Can the bootloader stay closed? Which guides do i have to...
  12. damnsaif

    Magisk Problem

    Hello there. Can anyone share which Magisk version to install for I've tried Stable 21.0. But, it failed. Thank you in advance for your patience.
  13. M

    Rooting with magisk on MIUI V12.0.4.0.QCOMIXM

    Is it safe to do root via magisk on note 8? Just Heard of it and would love to root my phone for the first time in a while
  14. B

    The ~ultimate guide to unlock bootloader, use twrp, flash beta from stock rom, setup and hide magisk + edxposed for mi 10 umi, use LP, plus extra tips

    It's a bit hard for newcomers to do all these when they want to start using the xiaomi eu rom, so after some of us were talking about making a guide for all these for mi 10 (because it may require a kinda special process) I decided to actually make one. Tjis may save you some time. This works...
  15. R

    [TUTORIAL] Fix SafetyNet issues with Magisk (also CTS profile match)

    I did it a few hours ago on my Mi 10 Ultra. Due to the many questions, I'm publishing here a fixed tutorial, how it worked for me! Please share your results below. ____________ Install Magisk: 1. Download and install Magisk Manager » MagiskManager-v8.0.4.apk Step 2: 3. Reboot your device...
  16. E

    Correct way to install magisk on 20.11.5 ?

    This morning i installed the latest version of (miui 12), my phone was on but miui 11 beta version. So, installed the rom, and the phone boots to system with no problem, but when i try to install magisk using TWRP, i get an error: unable to mount /system and an ERROR: 1 I...
  17. BorreSx

    MIUI 12 / Android 11

    Hi! I have noticed that when i installed the Android 11 update on my Mi Note 10, if in TWRP mode i add the Magisk zip in order to install all the root files the phone go in bootloop. The only way that i found to make the phone work is to go in Recovery and install ONLY the ROM Update. The...
  18. MAMAC

    [GUIDE] TWRP - ROOT - XPOSED Tutorial [Xiaomi Mi 10]

    Android 10/11 (tested on latest weekly rom MIUI 12.2 (20.10.16) Hello, i want to share with u a simplefied tutorial how to: I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE, DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK !!! TWRP Before installing custom recovery called TWRP u need to unlock bootloader. Be sure that u enable...
  19. H

    Bootloading problem/Unstable Fastboot [SOLVED]

    Hello, I have a 2018 Mi A2 Lite, and two months ago I decided to root it using Magisk and the Fastboot method (so I downloaded the ROM and flashed with the PowerShell from my PC). Everything went perfectly, and I rebooted a rooted smarphone. At the beginning of September, I received a...
  20. S

    root magisk safetynet fail

    After rooting my Mi 9 and initially passing safetynet after hiding magisk, I've suddenly failed it and can't resolve the issue. Any solutions?