Screenshot doesn't work anymore


Jan 29, 2011
the screenshot function (VOL DOWN + POWER) seems to not working anymore since 2 updates (well on my desire) Am I the only one? What can cause that?
try wiping and reflashing eveything. before that run the miui hardware check to check if your keys are working fine.
eveything is working fine, except that. I'm running MIUI for a while now without problems. I made a full wipe for the 2nd update of gingerbread version (to clean it at max) I will see on the next update if it's still there.
Humm, what can I say, except that I must have forgot my brain this morning......
Yes it's not vol down + power, but + menu (it's not like if it was the first time I'm doing this......) I'm confused, erase all I wrote please............:rolleyes: