Sd card read bug


Feb 16, 2012
Hello guys.

The past week i have struggled with some sd card read bugs. The phone stats to read difficultly the sd card. The phone freezeed (the kind of batery remove freeze)when : loading themes in theme manager, in looking up the sd card with file explorer,with some games that have content on sd card (ex: uno) etc. The geme is stating that i do not have the content downloaded if i reboot it workes.
Also if i reboot the phone sometimes i have apps/ games that do not appear (empty space)...also fixed after reboot.

I did the check disk on the sd card and aldo the disk doctor of tune-up utilities with very little improvement. I tried the one click cleanee and history cleaner from the google market but nothing.
And now my igo makes my phone freeze.(last ony 5 sec).

I never had problems until now and i have a class 10 sd card.

Had no problem with previous versions.

Can you guy give it a look?

Many thanks.

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