Selling two MI2s 32GB from USA

Oct 4, 2013
Hi everyone,

Just wanted to give everyone in this great community a heads up that I am selling two MI2s 32GB on right now. One is in mint condition and in perfect working order. The other has water damage and does not charge and is not recognized by a PC when plugged in via USB, other than that is works just fine (cell, wifi, screen, digitizer, speakers, camera, etc.)

$230 or best offer - Mint Condition MI2s:

$80/auction - As is MI2s:

I was able to factory reset the as is MI2s with my flash by getting my PC to recognize the water damaged phone by performing a a manual jumper short by following these instructions: Normally the phone is not recognized, could perhaps be a faulty usb port. This phone could be used normally if you have an external battery charger.

Thanks everyone.
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Feb 25, 2014
I am probably interested in the 230$ xiaomi mi2s. I already have one but u know i am in love with it lol. Will tell u after giving it a thought