Several Bugs After Installing Nougat

Discussion in 'Xiaomi Mi4S' started by elefantomas, Feb 17, 2017.

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    Dear all,

    Since I switched to Nougat (MIUI 8.2 7.2.9), I encounter several bugs, such as:
    - some apps don't access to the microphone (it means WhatsApp cannot record voice message; SoundHound cannot "listen" to the music played),
    - the finger sensor doesn't unlock the phone, if the screen is not first switched on (it means, when the screen is black, I cannot unlock my phone with the fingerprint),
    - the widgets are sometimes not working (if I touch it, no respond).

    How to fix these problems ?
    Are they known issues ?

    Thanks for your help
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    If they know the faults, so surely this week there is no ROM. You only have two options, hang with this ROM until you remove the new one, or return to the previous one, but the latter requires clean installation

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    The rom is working just fine here, even the fingerprint sensor unlock.
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