New SGS2 (I9100) - 2.12.7 - Wifi toggle

Nov 1, 2011
Hello everybody

First of all thanks for this lovely ROM ! Very stable, cannot use another one (well, let's say i dont want to go to another one ! )

I'm currently encountering some issues with Wifi Toggle. Has anybody the same issue ?

Thanks !
Dec 16, 2012
i'm having a problem with wifi too. While testing it @ home on a proper wifi signal (my computer shows top quality signal bars), my Xiaomi MI 2 (on aries jb 2.12.7) gives wifi connection, only it doesn't show sometimes as if it has a proper connection. When turning on wifi (through toggles) it shows a "!" on the toggle, then connects ("!" dissapears), then drops it's signal down to the dot (lowest signal bar of wifi connection) and comes back up again, goes down again, heck it's unstable. Also it sometimes loses signal completely. Then i have to deactivate and reactivate, although most of the time this doesn't even help. Then all of the sudden it works perfectly fine again (later on this problem starts all over again...). So all together wifi sometimes works fine while showing lowest connection, then doesn't work at all, then works fine again...
Some help please?
Thanks in advance!