SMS/mms automatically deleted?


Feb 6, 2011
I did a complete wipe , everything ...installed 1.1.28 and woke up this morning to all my SMS and MMS deleted from after the new installation ..delete old messages is not checked ..any thoughts?

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I am having the same exact problem for my incredible... installed the 1.1.28 and did an app restore + data and that was causing a force quit issue in my phone, contacts, and sms apps. So I reinstalled, did just the app restore with titanium, then went back in and did a data restore for only the items I needed to, that fixed that issue. But still could not get my sms messages to restore no matter what I did. And then after starting a few conversations I did a restart and all the messages were wiped out. Anybody have any reason why it would do that? I really like this rom, but if it always deletes my sms messages, what is the point?

Went through all the settings as well to see if something was checked, but to no avail... thoughts anyone?

Also, does anyone know if the newest version 1.2.4 or the fixes this issue? May just have to try it and see, but its so tedious to do if it doesn't work, I would rather know ahead of time