Sometimes randomly changes to a weird language after chaning themes


Jun 13, 2011
anyone else get this? Sometimes when I change a theme, or it can just be random, I'll open facebook or something else, and no more english, I'm reading some weird symbol language. Happens about once or twice a week. A reboot always seems to fix it.
This has been happening the last 2or 3 Roms for me.
Yes I know however it is still a bug.

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it's not a bug!
MIUI is a chinese rom made in china.
most of the themes are made in china (suprisingly eh?).

with miui comes an language pack that covers the phones system language like repainting.
sometimes after you retheme it grabs back the chinese things, reboot it or reïnstall the language pack or latest rom solves all issues
@amonfog, you obviously don't get the issue, so don't be such a douche bag explaining what MIUI is.

Anyway, I get the same thing sometimes where the font is completely messed up (in browser only). Changing the theme solves the thing for me though...