Sound when loose of signal

Jesper Skrake

Apr 30, 2012
Hi everyone

I have an issue with my sound volume. When I loose signal during a call, or when the other part hang up the phone, it comes a "beep" sound that is very loud. For me the only chance of lower this sound seems to be to turn everything down. But I want to have the ring tone on maximum, and also the sms tone on maximum. (is this the notification volume?) And also a reasonable sound volume during calls. What settings should I use for this? Because I can not continue like this. Every time this sound appears, I am considering weather my hearing gets damaged or not.
It is a Samsung Galaxy S with MIUI 2.3.2. I don't know what GB/ICS is...?
Android 2.3.7 and kernel version 2.6.35-12-gdf it sais under "About Phone"
I installed the new rom and fumbled around with the sliders a bit more. I found out that the solution was to move the "Voice volume" to minimum. Though I don't find the name of this slider very descriptive for this purpose. Neither do I understand what the "Call Volume" slider is for. When I change ringtone volume with the up and down buttons, this slider moves like some kind of master volume.

Anyways, thanks for your reply. Problem is solved now, and my feedback to you is that I would appreciate a more intuitive naming of the different volume sliders.