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Oct 6, 2020
Hello developers, what's wrong with the the last 2 updates (12.1.2 and 12.1.3) for pocophone F2 Pro?

Mine, our phones have several problems that I would like you to solve. I'll tell you a few:

When I open the file manager the app crashes and now when i open it, it says "disconnected".
I can't download anything (whatsapp photos and voice messages, watching photos on gallery, etc.)
When I send or listen to a voice message on whatsapp, the app crashes
The entire OS lags and it's so slow

Can you help me? Can you work on fixing these bugs as soon as possible? The phone is a bit unusable... I can't attach screenshots or logs because hey, "Storage not found".

Didac Gil

Apr 7, 2014
Try maybe wiping cache, as I do not have those problems in my Poco F2 Pro with 12.1.3

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