Swipe method to show all installed apps?


Aug 13, 2023
I consider my self as having good knowhow about how android pads works... Early spring this year I bought my Xiamo Pad 3 and still I hav'nt been able to show all my installed apps by swipe my finger from bottom to top. This method works on all other Android platforms I own, but not on my Pad 3. The only thing that happeneds is that all open apps will be shown... but that's the case when you swip from bottom to half the screen...
So what's the trick?

MUI PAD Global 14.0.3
MIUIversion 14.03.0(TLYEUXM) 2023-06-01
Modell 22081283G
Kernel-version 5.10.136-android12-9-00020...


Sep 15, 2022
You do know this is a MIUI EU version forum! it is a community modded version because we dislike the CHINA ROM and the Global Rom! Till you switch to EU ROM, perhaps you would understand why are we soo frustrated with Xiaomi and not posts such questions!!