theme help

neon flash!

Mar 3, 2012
i have a samsung captivate its been moded and running cyanogen mod 7 along with miui and android 2.3.7
for sms i'm running theme (it has a chinese name then 1.5) my sceen saver and wall paper etc and most other stuff is just customised from pics etc but for the sms i have that one.
but when i initally go to the sms menu the preview shows the screen black and the contacts name (who the msg is from/to) in white, but when i apply the theme its all in white, making it hard to see the name.
i'll try and get screen caps up of it all so you might be able to tell me if its possible to change this.
the theme works fine inside the actual convo.
i'll get pics up asap that should hopefully help.