Touch screen issue / test fail


Mar 16, 2021
Hello to all !

I have a super annoying touchscreen issue on Xiaomi Redmi Note 8.
Every button I press goes 3 times or more, impossible to use anything and it's since 2 days or more.

I was reading couple of other threads coming on google search from this forum (mostly for other models) which suggested to do a touch screen self test in "kernel version" which failed for "8--touchpannel" (pic attached)
And slowing down cursor speed (which was on 50%) and reducing didn't help
neither reset

Please help it's super annoying can't do nothing;

Infos about my version :
Android version :
10 QKQ1.200114.002
Android security patch level:
MUIUI version:
MUIUI global 12.0.3Stable
Model: M1908C3JG