TouchWiz 4.0

The Batman

Mar 3, 2011
This goes out to the developers of the community. It is my belief that MIUI as it stands is based off of TouchWiz unless I am mistaken. That being said, how strong is the possibility of seeing anything from version 4.0 being incorporated into future versions of the MIUI rom?

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As far as I know, that's not accurate. I read that it takes Android, iOS, TouchWiz, and Sense and makes its own hybrid, but I think that's just from a UI standpoint. Otherwise, Galaxy S devices probably would've been supported a lot earlier.
Also, some aspects of TouchWiz may be integrated as time goes on, and if people like them enough. I have a Galaxy S (Epic 4G) and to me TouchWiz 4 and 3 look pretty much the same. 4 Looks a little slicker than 3, but I don't think there's many major changes.
The Froyo versions of MIUI had more akin to the Meizu M9 phone than they ever did to TouchWiz. Now in GB, they've changed a lot (and it will keep changing in months to come), but the overall feeling is still the same.