Translation errors, Motorola Razr, Important bugs only.


Jun 27, 2012
I have found this:
settings -> Status bar -> ("Customize toggles' possition"); ' should be removed;
------""--------- > Expanded notification view -> Everything bellow should start with a upper letter.
After enabling "Show flow info" wich should've been "Show traffic info"
i have in my status bar:
"Toady: % Remain: % Package %"
should been
Today: % Remaining: % Apps/Applications (If space allows it) %
"No notification for successful screenshot" should been "No notification for screen screenshot"

Messages -> Settings - > Other
System mms app priority..
I don't even know what this setting does :)) i do not understand the description.

Settings- > Developer settings -> User interface
"Light up the screen to access system directly, need no screen password"
should been
"Disable lockscreen, have instant access to the phone"

Permisions manager -> Logs -> Menu button -> Clear logs
"All logs will be erased. Are you sure to enable it?"
should been
"All logs will be deleted. Are you sure you want to do this?"

Backup app
Local backup
% MB, % System Data files % App data Files (Latest)
should been
% MB, % System apps, % User apps (Latest)

when we go to see the details for a backup
We see "Local recovery", it should been "Local backup"
We also see System0 and Aplications0 , the 0 should been removed.

Gallery app
% my captured photo(s)
should been
% Camera photo(s)

Gallery app -> View an album -> Menu key
"Cancel hidden"
should been
"Show album"
and "Hidden album"
should been
"Hide album"

Also on the traffic ussage app, "technical support provided by WALL-E", funny but not professionall :))
"Keep an eye on your daily data usage using this app."

Trafic Ranking -> "Traffic of today" should been "Traffic done today"

Phone-> Settings-> Location setting
"Auto-add the country code befor the phone number of known contacts, the number with country code will be dialed directly"
should been (I think)
"Auto-add the country code for contacts before dialing the number. Usefull when roaming."

Thank you verry much...also if you have a simple system in wich i could help...i will be gladly doing it...
Okay, we freeze the XML on Thursday to prevent any errors tommorow, but I will definitely look these over for next week :)