Types of ROM for Xiaomi Mi2

Jun 23, 2013
It's good to see that there are more and more roms coming out for Xiaomi mi2 :)
Even though the full kernel source wasn't fully released. heh

Am kinda confused with the types of roms there are out there for xiaomi mi 2

Theres the usual...

MIUI V5 rom . EG : miui v3.7.5

and there's the JLB rom ? EG : JLB17.0
What's the difference between JLB rom and MIUI v5? Both uses the same GUI.. same framework..

And there's also the stock version rom EG: QDT14
I'm assuming it's like AKOP.. never tried it though..

And now , there's finally cyanogenmod on our phones. Yay!
Would be interesting to see more tweaks and performance improvements... especially on the kernel side.
Hopefully , enough of the source code was released for us to add more kernel governors :p
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May 11, 2013
JLB is stable MIUI ROM, and without root permissions.
QDT is quite like AOSP (pure android) but with some more features.
Those ROMs are provided by Xiaomi.
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Jun 6, 2013
hmm.... then i am ok with MIUI i guess....
is there a way to remove system apps in JLB or QDT ROMs after installing them ?
can we root it if we install ROMs other than MIUI ?
i heard that QDT gives best battery backup... is that true ?
May 11, 2013
Yes, QDT is the best in terms of speed and battery life. It is rooted, and you have the mod version made by M1cha that comes with MIUI permissions manager and more.
For removing system apps, just use titanium backup or any file explorer. But you can't do this in JLB as they are not rooted.