Unable to use backup in MI Phone Assistant


Mar 5, 2023
Hello, recently I've had my phone just stop working and stuck in a bootloop. I want to send it to the technician's so I can get it working, however that basically completely eliminates an option to see my data ever again, what's worse, I have my bootloader locked, so I'm unable to use any fancy stuff like TWRP to copy the data over. I suppose my best bet then is MI Phone Assistant. Everything works fine, to the point, where it doesn't - I boot into recovery menu, select the Mi Phone Assistant option, connect it, the program detects the phone, however all three of the options


as seen up here aren't usable, when I click on them, nothing happens. So I can't do anything, even with the phone assistant. The data there holds quite the value, not just sentimental, but real value, which I don't have backed up anywhere, so I'd appreciate any safe ways of working around this!

EDIT If I were to use the wipe data option, would there be any chance that it would get backed up and be available for recovery?