Unlock_hyperOS_ Global devices

The credits for the Modem Patch mentioned are at Kacper, btw.

@Kacper Skrzypek , I just realized that you updated the linked modem patch by leaving out "modem.img".

May I ask for the reason behind, why "modem.img" obviously appeared as obsolete for updating w.r.t. global eSIM support?

From which resource/release you've taken the updated "modemfirmware.img"?
(md5: 1b9a133c946d5bd30b71e98e5fc01169)

- modem.img is no longer used because it is not needed and caused the Camera app to crash.
- modemfirmware.img in patch is used from OS1.0.6.0.UNCMIXM. However, you can also use this file from the EEA ROM.
Thanks for the info.
I'm asking because the modemfirmware.img included in the patch is reading md5: 1b9a133c946d5bd30b71e98e5fc01169

...while the modemfirmware.img which can be downloaded from xiaomifirmwareupdater.com is reading:
OS1.0.6.0.UNCMIXM md5:
OS1.0.16.0.UNCEUXM2 md5:

No clue why the md5s from same global versions differ?
If I relock an unlocked phone, may I later re-unlock that? The 3 times limit unlock counter is valid for the same phone?
Thank you
I think the limit of three unlocks does not apply to the same device after re-locking the bootloader. Also, re-unlocking should happen immediately.
But I haven't tested it.
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I bought a Xiaomi 13 Pro in Europe.
It is on Hyper OS
In the Community, switched to region GLOBAL, I have applied for bootloder unlock authorisation and got the message: You have been granted access to unlock until …04/06/2025
Connected the phone via mobile data to my account and waited for one week.
Running the latest versionof the unlock software with all drivers properly installed the phone is detected but not unlocked.
Following message appears: Your account is not authorized to unlock. Please change another

What did I wrong and what to do to overcome this problem
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@maherran You should have used the search function.
Flash this modem fix via fastboot.
Hi, thanks for the tip but this doesn't work for me . I have a Xiaomi 14 with 1TB from china, with unlocked bootloader and i've installed on it via fastboot. Running the install script on a win laptop, all successful but still no service.
How can i check if i was really installed? this is not xiaomi..eu custom ROM but Global EEA ROM. That's why your networks aren't working.
Install xiaomi.eu ROM.
I already been granted permission. But when I try to bind mine account.. I'm getting to ask permission again.


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