Update Drivers for SGS2 Win7 to get Stable Internet Tethering.


Mar 1, 2012
Hey there if anyone is struggling to update win7 drivers for latest v4 Miui, I struggled for a while as my only internet connection is my sgs2 and I cannot update while phone is still tethered. Download the latest version of Kies, install it directly from their website. But first go to device manager and uninstall ALL usb ndis etc drivers. Then install latest version of Kies and it will install the latest sgs2 Samsung usb drivers. Make sure you do not let any kies processes run in win7. Connect sgs2 via usb etc to your pc, and there we go, internet is not glitchy anymore and doesn't shut down every 2 minutes. You now just go into windows after connecting tethering, go to network adapters and properties of your connection, select update driver and windows will do it for you automatically. This works if your only form of internet connection is the one you are trying to update and windows won't let you update while the device is attached. Finally I have speedy internet, I.C.S Miui and all on my stunning sgs2.